The Jerx - For Hire

This post marks the end of Season One of the Jerx. If there is an interest in doing a season two, I'm down for it.

[See the post above for the current funding plan for Season 2]

To do this site as I like to do it takes a considerable amount of time. I don't think any of you expect me to work 20-30 hours or more per week on this just for the hell of it. So here is what I'm proposing for season two. If you want another year, and if you're willing to donate $10/month to see it happen, then sign up for the Season Two Investor email list below. I'm not asking anyone to pay anything at this time, this is just to see if there are enough people with an interest to fund another year. 

Hell yeah. I'm on board for another year of The Jerx at $10/month

* indicates required

One of three things will happen:

1. Enough people will sign up that we can restart season two after a week's break.
2. Not enough people will sign up, but this post will remain and perhaps at some point in the future enough people will have signed up. In which case I'll pick the site back up at that point (if I'm in a position to).
3. Not enough people ever sign up, in which case this site is done. 

All of these are happy outcomes for me. I'm excited about doing another year of this site. And if it doesn't happen I'm excited about having so much more time back in my week. 

"Andy, I have a much better idea."

No, you don't. I promise. I've considered every other funding option. You don't need to email me with these suggestions:

"You should ask for more than $10/month. I give $20/month to my favorite podcast. People on their Patreon page are giving $100/month." - I don't want to do more than $10/month.

"You should do less than $10/month I can get Genii for like 5 bucks and that's a physical product." - Yes, and you can get a gallon of water from your faucet for 8 cents. Or you can go to the store and get one for $1.50. Or you can hire someone to go to the river and gather you a gallon for $50. If you want Genii, then order Genii. It's a steal. If you want this site you're hiring someone to go the river. I don't have angel investors, advertisers, or the readership of Genii. My appeal is much narrower. 

"You should have advertising. Or have a company sponsor the site." - What people like about this site is that they don't know what it will be from day to day. But that is not what an advertiser or sponsor likes. My readership is much greater than iTricks, and what I write isn't immediately deleted like a Magic Cafe PM box ad, but people are less inclined to advertise on this site because they don't know what they'll be getting. That makes sense.

"You don't get it, man! It's the new economy! You write this site FOR FREE, and then people hire you to work on their stuff based on what you give away for." - Yes, I get that idea. I've experienced that in other aspects of my work-life. But this site is just too niche for that. In the 18 months I've worked on the site, it has directly led to one outside gig.

(If you're interested, I came up with the concept and wrote the copy for the branding of friend-of-the-site, Rob Dobson's digital agency, Northern Comfort. That concept being that he runs the world's oldest digital and social media agency, established in 1848 by his great-great-great-great-grandfather. Here's the history I wrote for the company.)

And you're misunderstanding the issue. I'm not concerned about finding work opportunities. I'm just lacking the time to do both.

"You should write the site for free because you love magic!" Now, see, I don't know who told you that, but I don't. Oh, I like performing it and thinking about it, but I don't like the act of composing those thoughts into posts (the time consuming part). And that's a good thing because the stuff people like about this site is the stuff that comes from being out and performing for real people in regular environments. 

There you have it. If you're down to support another year of The Jerx, sign up at the form above.

Loose Ends

(In case I'm not back anytime soon)

The App: Is awesome. I'm amazed I came up with something so practical and useful. It's expensive, but that's because it wasn't intended as something to be sold separately. 

The GLOMM: Will continue. Membership kits will be available for the foreseeable future. Although I only have a couple of the red shirts for each size in the super, hyper-platinum membership, or whatever I called it.

X-Communication: There is one more issue left coming at the end of October. 

Other E-books:

  • The 10% Peek - Will be sent to all GLOMM Elites in mid-November.
  • 20 for 20 - Will be sent to those with over 100 Jerx Points in 2017. When you think you've reached that point total, you let me know. I'm not keeping track of these imaginary points for everyone.
  • Pixilated/Pixelated - At one point this was being considered for an upcoming TV special. I'm not sure what the status is with that, but either way this will be going out to all GLOMM Elites in the next few months.
  • The Decision Artist - I once said I had a routine that was more powerful than roofies when it comes to getting in someone's pants. This is that routine. It's all written up and I may release it soon, but if I do it will probably be super-expensive, and only one copy will be made available per 100 mile radius, and you'll probably have to prove to me you're not a total creep somehow. We'll see about this one.

Future Projects: This blog started 10 years after my old one stopped. If we don't do another year of the The Jerx then I'll start another blog 20 years from now. Other than that, I'm not sure what the future plans are as far as magic is concerned.

As I said, if there isn't enthusiasm to do another year on the part of the people reading this, that's completely fine. This site is something I'm very happy with as it stands now. If the funding is there to keep it going, I'll see you soon. If not, enjoy the 400 or so posts (and be glad I didn't delete them all overnight like I did with the old site).