Follow-Up & Update

I got a lot of positive feedback on yesterday's article on misdirection. It apparently bothered some people too. I guess because I was questioning Tommy Wonder or whatever. My bad! 

Here's the thing, I'll admit I don't have a ton of reverence for 20th century magic theory. But, to be fair to me, in that century the public's perception of magicians went from this:

"Magicians are people who can do amazing and strange things."

to this

"Magicians are amazingly strange people."

So while I'm happy to look to magic theory for guidance, ultimately, I'd rather just test things out and get genuine critical feedback from laypeople and then base my techniques on that. I want the audience to write my magic theory, not another magician. 

The good news is, I don't give a shit if you disagree with me. And, for that matter, I don't give a shit if you agree with me. So we're good either way. 

Jerx Deck Update

The paper proofs have been received. From what I've heard, we're still looking at getting the decks sometime around the new year. If that changes, I will let you know.