Coming in the JAMM #3

JAMM #3 will be the first of a few themed issues I have planned for this year (there will be one on outdoor magic in late spring/early summer and one on scary/horror magic for October).

The April issue of the JAMM will feature restaurant magic. Kind of.

It will feature one effect that was created to be performed in a tablehopping setting. (The first effect in the JAMM that isn't my own.)

It will feature a quick funny/mentalism-esque tricks that I use all the time as it's pretty much impromptu... and it could be used in a tablehopping setting very easily.

And the highlight of the issue will be a new concept called SCUB. I believe this is a totally new idea in magic (but, you know, who knows). It's a crazy, multi-layered presentational idea that completely trips people out. It is a trick, but it's also a framework for other tricks you may do. And, surprisingly (given my style), it's fairly practical to do in a walk-around setting. It's one of my favorite ideas to come out of this site. You'll learn it all on April 6th.

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