Pixelated/Pixilated Coming in April to GLOMM Elites

If you're a GLOMM Elite member, I have a treat for you coming next month. It's called Pixelated/Pixilated.

This was an effect that David Blaine performed for me in a dream once. Then I woke up and came up with a method for it.

And then, a few months later, this happened...

That was about a year ago. And yes, that really happened. I came up with a method for an effect Blaine performed for me in a dream, and then he ended up actually performing that effect when he was shooting his last special. My life is a magic trick, people.

In the end, the effect didn't make the special, which I was strangely not bothered by. First, it was completely understandable because it's more of a cerebral trick than a visual trick (although there is a pretty interesting visual climax to it). And I was glad because it meant the GLOMM Elites would be getting a trick that has not really been seen anywhere. It was good enough for Blaine and you're getting it for free. (Well, you did pay for your membership kit, but you're getting it free on top of that, I mean.)

This is not an anytime/anywhere type of effect. It requires some preparation. About 15 minutes once you have the stuff you need. It will also require you to learn a skill if you don't already know it. It takes maybe 10-20 minutes to learn. And it will cost you about $8 per performance. 

But, in return for that you will have these benefits:

  1. A trick unlike any trick you do and unlike any trick your audience has seen. It doesn't even fit into one of Fitzkee's classifications. That idiot.
  2. It doesn't use cards or coins.
  3. No difficult moves.
  4. The version I've used the most makes people cry (in a good way).
  5. It's an ideal trick to commemorate special occasions.
  6. It leaves your spectators with the best souvenir in the history of magic. Well, that's a bold claim, Andy. F-you, ItalicsVoice! Thank you, BoldVoice. Here's the deal, feel free to nominate a better souvenir after you've read the effect. I'd be curious to find another magic souvenir that is intensely personal, is partly created by the spectator, and allows them to relive the magic moment coming together over and over for all eternity.

As mentioned, this will be a free ebook sent to all GLOMM Elites in April. If you've been thinking about joining, you may want to do so before then. You can join here. Membership kits ship out in a few days to a few weeks depending on shirt-size availability. As of now, there is a decent amount of everything except XXXL.

Speaking of that, the GLOMM Hyper-Elite shirt (the red one) is essentially sold out. There are just a few smalls and mediums left. That was a limited edition shirt and is not being reprinted. The normal Elite member shirt, the grey one, will continue to be printed as long as The GLOMM is around. There will likely be a completely different Secret Hyper-Elite Platinum shirt for 2017 as well, but that won't be until the summer. (There will be an upgrade package available at that time for current Elite members and Hyper-Elite members who want the 2017 edition.)