Supporting the Site

Season 4 support slots are all filled. A very small number may open up over the course of the year if people drop out. If you want to be on the waiting list for one of those slots, send me an email and let me know.

The Jerx is reader supported. Each season, a limited number of supporter slots become available for people who pay the equivalent of $5 per week. In turn, this site keeps going, and supporters receive rewards: limited edition books, decks of cards, and a quarterly review newsletter.

As mentioned, all of this year’s slots are filled, if you’d like to support the site monetarily in some other way you can:

Purchase the JAMM. Perhaps my favorite thing I’ve ever done related to this site.

Join the GLOMM

Buy a t-shirt from the Dumb Houdini store.

Other available products:

No Longer Available

  • The Jerx, Volume One (a few copies reman, but technically this is sold out)

  • The Amateur at the Kitchen Table

  • Magic For Young Lovers

  • The Jerx Deck 1 and 2

  • The GLOMM super hyper-elite red shirt

Reader Support History

The site was initially intended to be a short-term project I started in May 2015 after I left my day-job. But because of the interest and backing from the people who enjoy the site, it has continued as a fully reader supported site since October 2015. 

2016 was Season One, and supporters of the site in that year received The Jerx, Volume One, a hardcover collection of material that would go on to win the Tarbell Award for best magic book of 2016.

In 2017, Season Two supporters received a monthly magazine called The JAMM. 12 issues, 285 pages, featuring dozens of tricks, articles and reviews. 

In 2018, Season Three supporters received a book, Magic For Young Lovers, the Jerx Deck #2, and a quarterly review newsletter. That book is now sold out.