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Supporting the Site

The site was initially intended to be a short-term project I started in May 2015 after I left my day-job. But because of the interest and backing from the people who enjoy the site, it has existed as a reader supported site since October 2015. 

2016 was Season One, and supporters of the site in that year received The Jerx, Volume One, a hardcover collection of material that would go on to win the Tarbell Award for best magic book of 2016.

In 2017, Season Two supporters received a monthly magazine called The JAMM. 12 issues, 285 pages, featuring dozens of tricks, articles and reviews. 

We are now in 2018 and supporters will receive a new book I'm writing as we speak, the second limited edition Jerx Deck, and a quarterly magazine of reviews and recommendations called X-Communication. If you want to support Season 3, you can do so here. [Update: Actually, you can’t anymore.]

If you are new to this site and you find that it resonates with you, you'll possibly want to obtain all the material I've released. The problem there is that the people who bought these things in the past were not just buying a book or a magazine, they were doing so in order to support this site. So they paid a premium because it wasn't just a book or a deck of cards they were paying for, instead they were paying a little each week or month to keep this site active, and then they'd get these things as a bonus at the end of the season. But for a late-comer you're not seeing it as a little spread out over a long time, but a huge lump sum payment for a book. That's true. But it is what it is. The original book has almost no copies left. The ones I do have I had planned to hold onto and sell in 30 years to fund my retirement. And I'm not going to lower the prices on digital items to try and make a little more money because I feel that screws over the people who supported me all along.

But look, I know the feeling of arriving to something late and wanting to catch up. And if that's you, and money is no object, then you can certainly email me and tell me you want to buy the entire catalog of products. Here is what is (or was) available and the cost.

  • The Jerx, Volume One hardcover book ($300)

  • Amateur at the Kitchen Table softcover manuscript ($22 included with JV1 above)

  • Bell, Book and Candle ebook ($24)

  • GLOMM Membership Kit ($50) includes shirt, enamel pin, membership card, and two GLOMM exclusive PDFs: The 10% Peek and Pixelated/Pixilated

  • The JAMM Monthly Magazine ($120)

  • The Jerx Deck #1 (no longer sold separately, only available as part of this whole shebang back catalog purchase)

  • The 2018 subscriber bonuses: Magic For Young Lovers, hardcover book, The Jerx Deck #2, and the X-Comm Quarterly Newsletter ($260)

  • The Jerx App (iPhone only--included with JV1 or MFYL)

That's $754 for every damn thing. An amount no one should probably spend on magic in a lump sum, but hey, I'm not your mommy, you make your own decisions. If you want it all, send me an email and we'll sort it out.

Most things are still available individually. If you click around here you'll find ways to order. The only exceptions are JV1 which I'll open up the vault and part with a copy depending on my mood, and the first Jerx Deck which I only have a handful of left and therefore will only be available to someone crazy enough to purchase the entire full catalog as a one-time payment.