Season Three Support

Season Three rewards are expected to start shipping at the end of January.

The Jerx is reader supported. Other than Season 0 (2015), each year has been funded by the readers along the lines of the public television model. That is, people donate to the site and those who donate at a certain level receive rewards. In 2016 it was the equivalent of $5/week for the Jerx Volume, 1. In 2017 it was the equivalent of $10/month for a subscription to The JAMM and the Jerx Deck.

In 2018 there are three tiers, inspired by the sizes at the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop:


Like it - $5/month - Reward: X-Communication a 20+ page digital review magazine released quarterly (4 issues).
Love it - $10/month - Reward: The Jerx Deck #2 and X-Communication
Gotta have it - $5/week - Reward: Book #2, The Jerx Deck #2, and X-Communication (and the Jerx App if you don't currently have it)

Yes, the main reward this year is Book #2.

Is this book The Jerx, Volume 2? 

Sort of. It's not going to be called that. The Jerx, Volume 1 was supposed to be a joke title, because there wasn't going to be another one. Now that there is another one, I have to change that strategy. I do have the title already, but for now it will be abbreviated as MFYL. 

MFYL will be similar to JV1 in the sense it's going to be a 250-350ish page hardcover book with about half of the material consisting of some "best of" stuff from the blog, but revised, updated and illustrated. And the other half is going to be all new material. 

X-Communication will be a digital magazine that comes out quarterly with reviews, thoughts, presentations and alternate handlings regarding commercially released products. X-Comm was originally a monthly pdf release that went to early supporters of Season 1, then in Season 2 it was a section in the JAMM, now it will again be a separate publication on a quarterly schedule.

The Jerx Deck #2 will be a completely different design than #1. It will feature Threes, Twos, Queens, Tens and all your other favorite cards values. Also suits such as hearts and clubs and two others that I'm keeping under wraps for now.

Season 3 will go from February 9th to Christmas 2018 (with 3 weeks off in that stretch). There will be magic posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

You'll also receive the greatest reward of all... the chance to be a benefactor making a real contribution to keep something you (presumably) enjoy around longer. (Okay, "greatest reward" might be a stretch, but as someone who supports a lot of similar projects, I can say that it's very gratifying.)

You can pay in a lump sum or in 12 monthly subscription payments.

Two Important Notes!

1. If you sign up for the monthly payments, but then cancel part way through, then you've just made a donation to the site for which you'll receive nothing in return. So if you're not certain you're in for the long haul, don't sign up.

2. You'll notice the Gotta Have It tier is actually less than $5/week (it's $240 instead of $260). That's because it doesn't include shipping. Instead, shipping will be paid by you when the book is ready to be shipped. This will be the best/easiest way for me to make sure I have your most up-to-date address and it will make the actual mailing go faster and smoother on our end. I don't want it to come as a surprise to you when it's ready to be mailed out. You will be paying shipping once the book and deck are ready to be shipped. I don't know exactly how much it will be, but the total will be less than what JV1 originally cost shipped (which was $260 in the US and $286 outside the US).