The Coming End Miracle

The Coming End Miracle is one of the most famous tricks in the history of magic, going back centuries. And for the first time you can read the secret to this effect online.

The Coming End Miracle is named that due to the fact that after watching the effect, people who are fooled by it are usually dead within two weeks (i.e., their "end" is "coming").

Fun Fact: The 1998 Japanese horror filmed Ringu (remade as The Ring in the U.S.) was inspired by this effect and its devastating consequences. 

If you haven't seen the effect, you may be wondering how such a trick could persist for centuries when everyone who sees it is dead within two weeks. The thing to remember is that not everyone who sees it dies, only those who were fooled by it. And the trick is crafted in such a way that anyone with a 2nd grade education can easily figure it out, on their own, without having to Google the trick or do any research.

In 1932, a mass grave was discovered in Longcao, China and the world was appalled and shocked to learn the Chinese government was using the Coming End Miracle to, essentially, execute 100s of its mentally disabled citizens. Chinese officials, of course, denied it was a planned action to get rid of "undesirables." Chairman Lin Sen famously said, "我們只向他們展示一個魔術技巧" ("We only show a magic trick to them.")

Bones of "The coming end Miracle" victims in Longcao, China

Bones of "The coming end Miracle" victims in Longcao, China

Since that time, world governments have suppressed any written record of The Coming End Miracle. While that's an understandable position, others have argued that since only the dullest of the dull can be fooled by the effect—and thus negatively affected by the consequences—the effect should be promoted as a Darwinian tool to weed out the simple-minded. That is not a proposal this author endorses, but I also don't endorse the censorship of the existence of this effect.

When I mentioned above you would learn the secret to this effect, I was, of course, referring to its secret history. The workings of the effect are obvious to anyone who has seen it (and if they're not, then you're not long for this world anyways).