Update 3 - Early Morning Cold Taxi

I wasn't planning on writing today, but my sleep schedule is all screwed up so I've got some time and I wanted to give you an update. For the first time since May, I accepted work on a full-time freelance project this week since I knew I wouldn't be busy producing content for this site. And that has meant 14 hour days and being up at times I don't normally see. Like 7AM. This is some straight-up bullshit, right here. I know a lot of you get up this early every day. You're the true heroes. I mean, even if you're getting up before the sun rises to assault someone in the park, I still admire your work ethic.

Let's look at the tote-board.

So, we're a little over two days in and just about a quarter of the way there. That may seem like a good pace, but the majority of that was done in the first twelve hours. We'll see what happens. People may be waiting, or I may have over-estimated the demand to keep the site around. I'm genuinely perfectly happy with either scenario.  

(To be clear, I'm not looking to make a living from this site. My goal amount of books to sell to keep this site going is not out of the double digits. After taxes, fees, the cost of doing a small run hardcover printing, shipping, and the costs of running the site, I just want to be able to pay some money to the people who help with the site and anything above that will just mean more time I can put into the site itself. But it won't even get close to minimum wage. If it was just money I was after I'd put these hours in at Denny's.)

So, while this site's future is up in the air, I want to make it clear to the people who have donated that you have nothing to worry about. The amount of content you get will be very similar either way, it's just that some of it will come in a different format (email and the book). You will definitely be getting a bunch of exclusive routines, and if the site doesn't continue, then it just means a bunch more ideas and routines that you have access to that the riff-raff won't.

And I promise you the book is going to be fucking amazing. It won't be hard to be better than most magic books which are 90% telling you where to put your pinky and stuff. But I truly believe if you like this site you'll really treasure the book. It's not just going to be blog posts reprinted in book form. It's going to be it's own thing. You'll see.