Sundry Drive No. 11

Is Ickle Pickle the worst name for a magic company ever?

Trick question. It's the worst name for anything ever.

In the coming months I will be doing some magic-related focus groups. If there is a magician, effect, or technique which you'd like to get real people's opinions on, send me an email and I might be able to add it to the list of things we're testing. 

These tests tend to be a little soul-crushing and not the sort of things magicians want to hear. ("What? 100% of the people questioned said the dollar bill must be dangling from a very small thread? Well, clearly you performed it poorly. What's that? Oh, you showed them Losander's performance? Huh.") But, that being said, they're always pretty interesting, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Do Pedophiles Have A Certain Smile?

For those of you who use the presentation of, "I can read your mind based on subtle body cues," maybe this article could be of interest.

I mean, it would certainly be more compelling than what you're probably doing.

Picture it. You have three people on stage, they each have a coin hidden in one of their outstretched hands.

To the first person you say, "Your nose is tilted to the right. The coin is in your right hand." 

To the second person you say, "Your body weight is shifted to the left. This is a typical overcompensation when someone holds a coin in the their right hand. The coin is in your right hand."

To the third person you say [quoting that page], "You have tight, discolored lips; a visible tongue; concealed teeth; a cocked head; twisted facial features; a bald forehead; disheveled hair; and a general aura of faggotry. The coin is in your left hand. Also you're a pedophile."

A lot of you have been avoiding using your cat in your act because the wizard hat usually takes up too much space in your luggage. Good news. Archie McPhee has just released this:

This is magic. The Dirty Projectors performing an acoustic version of When The World Comes To An End.