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I feel tremendously bad for whoever is writing Gibecière 100 years from now. I mean, the history of magic is filled with stories of magicians being spies, using their skills to assist in wars, saving lives, infiltrating the camps of other magicians to steal secrets, taking down spiritualism, etc., etc.

But what will historians write about the magic scene of the early 21st century? That dunce on the Criss Angel tour who keeps almost accidentally killing himself? 

Or perhaps they will write about this scintillating lawsuit where Yigal Mesika is suing Penguin Magic for kidnapping and sexual assault! Wait, no, I misread that... for using the word "Loops" in the metadata that led to search results for non-Loop products! Exciting! 

Look, Yigal, this can't possibly be a good use of your time and energy. I have no reason to defend Penguin Magic. I think they're a great company, but I don't think they like me very much over there, to be honest. And I'm completely supportive of people trying to retain the rights to their intellectual property, but if I go to Amazon and search for Fitbit, I also get non-Fitbit activity trackers in the result. That's just how searches work.

But more importantly, I think it may be time to let go of the name "Loops." Certainly you have more to offer than that. Do you really want this to be the scenario that plays out on judgment day?

God (or whoever oversees Judgment Day): Tell me, son, what is your legacy on earth?
Yigal: This. [Indicates invisible elastic band on his wrist.]
God: Oh, you invented that? That's pretty dope, I-
Yigal: Oh, no. I didn't invent it.
God: Well, so...?
Yigal: But I did register the trademark for the name.
God: Decent, decent. So what did you name them? Something cool, huh? Satan's Ethereal Noose? Something like that? The Wacky Circumference? Hit me.
Yigal: Loops.
God: Right. What did you call the loops?
Yigal: I called them, "Loops."
God: Of course, right up until you came up with a name for them. I get that. You're like, "So what are we going to call these loops?" So what's the name?
Yigal: That is the name. The name of the item is, "Loops."
God: Oh, please. Hit the bricks.

And then you go burn in hell or something? (Again, I'm not familiar with how judgment day works.)

I just think, if your contribution to loop --sorry-- "invisible elastic band" magic is as significant as I think it is, then having your product branded as Mesika Loops should be all the distinction you need. "Mesika" being the important and distinguishing word here (as opposed to the word that describes any goddamn thing in that general shape).

(Thanks to H.W. for pointing me to this story.)