Here are some of the other words suggested by people as possible alternatives to "social" magic.

Spontaneous, Casual, Conversational, Communal, Integrated, Sub Rosa, Interactive, Non-Performance, Organic, Interpersonal, Relational, Informal, Congenial, Immersive

These are all good suggestions and for the most part they hit on aspects of the type of performance I'm talking about, but I don't think I'm likely to start using any of them in place of Social. 

I actual like that "social" is sort of generic sounding because there are different ways you can perform social magic. It doesn't have to be one particular thing. 

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what it's called. I just think we need to give the idea a little more sunlight so it can grow, and to do so, it helps to have something to call it.

Imagine if our concept of "comedy" was people on stage doing stand-up or sketch comedy, and then your "funny" friends were people who would do old vaudeville routines and short-form improv games and we had no concept of people who were just funny in social situations.

Of course we do have that distinction. There are people who perform comedy routines, and then there are the people we know who are just funny. They don't go around reciting "Who's On First." They just have a good sense of humor.

Social magic is about coming off not as someone performing a bunch of pre-planned routines, but just as someone with a good sense of wonder.   

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