Another GH Idea

Another effect it's worth adding to your Google Home (or possibly similar products) is the Trick that Fooled Einstein.

I have a little stack of change on my end table, behind a lamp. If someone mentions the Google Home and asks what it does or whatever, I can be like, "Yeah, it's capable of some crazy stuff. Do you have any change?" I grab my stack of change, then we both shake our coins in our hands while I ask Google, "How much change do we have?"

The GH gives its response and the semi-odd phrasing is passed off as being due to the "weird algorithm" Google uses to figure out how much money you each have. 

With a second, slightly different, key phrase you can repeat the trick after each of you have added or discarded some coins to show it's "not a fluke."

I've only done this once so far but it got a good response. And when the person I performed it for mentioned it later to a third friend he said, "We shook our change in our hand and it could tell us exactly how much money we had." Completely forgetting that it didn't quite do exactly that.