New-Fangled Magic

Here's another classic from the MCJ archives, via request from reader SL. I don't know how someone remembers such a dumb post from 12 years ago, but here it is.

It started when I saw an ad for this. 

By the way, that's what constituted a GIF in 2005.

From May 5th, 2005

New Fangled Magic

I like this.

It says:

Although similar in function to glasses and jugs that produce a similar effect, the construction of the prop in the form of a regular milk bottle (3" diameter, 8.5" high) makes this seem like an ordinary every day object, least likely to arouse suspicion as a gimmicked magician's prop.

Yes, what could be more ordinary than a bottle that milk used to be delivered to people's houses in seventy years ago? I say: nothing. Certainly not those always suspicious "glasses." 

If the milk bottle seems like an "everyday" object above suspicion to you, then you may enjoy these other ideas I have for the modern performer of magical endeavors.

-I've found a good time to set up a magic effect is when the family is gathered round the radio listening to The Fibber McGee & Molly program. The sounds of their amuse-ed laughter let you know that you're free to spirit away that card into your pantaloons for a bawdy post-suppertime effect. 

-Call me if you should ever like to perform the effect where "The Wizard" identifies a selected pasteboard tele-phonically. My number is Klondike 2-5784. 

-To make an object float in poorly lit quarters, just have a colored fellow carry it across the room. His midnight skin won't be visible! But take heed! Negroes are notoriously scared of hoo-doo and prone to fisticuffs.