Yellow Nocturne

Last winter I posted the trick White Nocturne. That is a pretty effect that I use whenever I can on nights in November and December when snow feels fresh and beautiful. It's a genuinely "magical" moment that gets very strong reactions, especially given how easy it is. 

This is a very different type of winter trick. This is more of a post-New Years winter trick when snow is seen as a gross pain in the ass to a lot of people. (I'm pretty pro-snow whenever. But a lot of people get sick of it once the new year comes.) I wanted to post it up as we are getting to the end of the snow season here in the northeast US. (Although this is also a trick that can be used during very hot, dry times as well.)

What follows may read as a joke. It ain't.


You ask your spectator to think of something there is no way you could know. 

"I want you to think of someone you had a crush on. But I want it to be someone I couldn't possibly know, so make it someone you never told anyone about. Do you have someone like that in mind?"

She does and you have her write that person's initials on a small piece of paper and fold it up.

The paper is torn up and the pieces are dropped in a large glass of water. You stir them around and they completely dissolve.

You look in the water and attempt to get a sense of the initials, but it doesn't work. 

"There's one other thing we can try," you say. And you pick up the glass and chug the cloudy liquid.

An hour or so later you take her outside and pee the initials in the snow.


A center-tear done with dissolving paper. (Search "dissolving" paper or "water soluble" paper on Amazon.) Make sure it's non-toxic because you're going to be drinking the stuff. I assume they're all non-toxic, but double check. I don't want your widow suing me after you die doing the pee trick.

What's nice is the center-tear is motivated (breaking something up into smaller pieces before dissolving it is a pretty well understood concept) and you have an hour to get your glimpse at the stolen piece. So you have all the time in the world to pocket the piece and then look at it at a later point in time when there is no heat.

The dissolved paper liquid doesn't taste great, but I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to that sort of thing. And it doesn't help that it looks like a giant load of watery ejaculate. (Of course that will make it easier for some of you.)

As I mentioned, you could do it on a hot sidewalk too. I haven't done it that way, but it's probably more pleasant then yanking your dick out in the dead of winter. I suppose anywhere where liquid would make a distinct mark would work.

You want to have a relatively full bladder going into the effect, but don't chug so much all day that your urine is totally clear.

I think initials are your best bet. But if you're a real Rembrandt of the Dong, you could do a drawing duplication.

Yes, it uses urine, but you can do this as a fairly PG effect. No one needs to see your genitals.

As I said, this may seem like a joke effect, but it's not. I've done it and people are legitimately fooled by it. But on top of that it's funny, and entertaining, and surreal. It's a completely unbelievable premise but there is a certain internal logic to it that I think people find appealing. You drank the initials, then you peed the initials. Like maybe it could be true in a universe just a couple degrees off from ours. Hell, given some people believe in homeopathy, maybe it could be true in this universe. 

And sorry ladies, I'm afraid this effect is for the Gentleman Conjuror.

(Actually, maybe not. Maybe you have a dude drink the liquid and when he needs to pee you bring him out to the snow and hold his junk and proceed with the trick as if it's some kind of biological/scatological automatic writing thing.)