Australia... what the fuck...

Seriously, my Australian readers, what is going on?

Who is this animal? (If that link doesn't work, you can read the article below.) Another fine example of magicians in the media. Honestly, this guy is a particular monster. 

What I don't get is, in the U.S., if you're convicted of rape, or even if you're just accused of rape, we let people know your name. Is this not standard practice in the rest of the world? Why can't the paper reveal his name? Is this an Australian thing? Or is it this specific circumstance? Is it because, as a pedophile, he would get fucked to death with a lunch tray by his fellow prisoners if they knew his crime? Well... okay... but that seems like something he should have considered at some point during his 30 years of raping pre-teens. (And while we're at it, someone kick that bitch in the vagina who "didn't believe" her daughter. Hey, howzabout we give the kid the benefit of the doubt when they report their sexual assault to you.)

I really want to know, though, why is he just referred to as "the man" and a "depraved magician." No names? Seriously? A depraved male magician? That's implicates like... 90% of fucking magicians!

I need a name so I can kick this bitch out of the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists. Otherwise I might have to ban the entire continent. Get on it Jerx: Australia.

Jail for magician’s depraved attacks on young girls

June 17, 2016 12:27am

Padraic Murphy Herald Sun

A DEPRAVED magician has been jailed for the appalling rape and sexual abuse of two young girls.

Despite concerns there may be more victims of the remorseless monster - who has done previous jail time for raping children - the Herald Sun is prevented from revealing the man's identity.

The man is well-known in children’s entertainment circles and has performed overseas.

He has sex offence convictions stretching back to 1977, but still managed to work regularly at children's parties.

County Court Judge Phillip Coish today said the man’s offending was perverse and left both victims devastated.

One requires on-going counselling and feels isolated and unable to trust.

The man repeatedly raped the two girls, both aged under 10, sometimes at the same time.

The victims were children of friends the man knew through work.

The appalling abuse of the children occurred while he was working regularly at children's parties and only stopped when he was arrested in 2005.

He showed one of the young girls pornography, and continued to rape her, ignoring pleas for him to stop.

One of the victims complained to her mother, who did not believe her.

She again complained to police in 2011 after she had grown up, and the magician was charged with fresh offences.

The man was found guilty after a trial in which one of the victim's was forced to give evidence about what he had done to her.

Judge Coish said the man's not guilty plea meant he could not claim remorse and jailed him for at least seven years, with a maximum of 10 years.

“Both victims were very young children... (It was) a gross breach of trust,” Judge Coish said.