Dover, Overs, Cover

I have some really exciting news. First, I should probably apologize to those of you who donated $260-$300 to this site, in part because you were promised some exclusivity to the material in The Jerx, Volume One, but I've had to backtrack a teeny-tiny bit on that promise. You see, I've sold the paperback rights to Dover Publications and the mass market version should be out in time for Christmas at a cost of $6.99.

Uhm, that's a joke. You wouldn't think I'd need to explain that's a joke, but you haven't seen my email. I definitely need to explain that's a joke. I do get a lot of people asking if there's going to be an ebook or a second printing. I've tried to make this pretty clear, but the answer is "no." I realize it's fairly common in magic to try and weasel out of your claim of something being "limited edition," but these are legitimately the only copies that will be printed. Those who get it will be the ones who get it. That's it. The new material—which accounts for about half the book—will not be re-printed anywhere. I don't need to. I have plenty of other material for future publications if need be. (Need won't be. I'm never writing another thing in my goddamn life.) 

I do have a few more copies of the book than anticipated. Apparently book printing companies can print more copies than you ask for, and you have to pay for them! They're called "overs." This is standard in the publishing industry, or so I've been led to believe. But it sounds like a big scam. I can't imagine this working in any other industry.

"Uhm, Miss? I think the fried shrimp was supposed to be $8.99. The bill says $10.99."

"That's right. We gave you 12 shrimp instead of the 9 the menu indicates."

"Ok, but I didn't ask for more. I just ordered what was on the menu."

"Yeah... well... we were just having so much fun frying up shrimp that we fried up a few more. Now pay up."

I didn't realize book printing was so inexact. "Well... we turned on the book printing machine and it started spitting out books and we just kinda guesstimated when the pile looked about the right size. Go get your checkbook and pay for these extra books."

It's alright. There's not too many. And they'll either sell eventually or they won't. If they don't I'll give them to public libraries. Scar some kid for life who just wants to learn the french drop from Bill Tarr.

Oh, the fake Dover cover above reminds me of an alternative cover I seriously considered for my book.