Erdnase Revealed!

Holy shit! Well, you can't say this isn't an exciting time to be involved in magic! Erdnase has FINALLY been revealed! This is amazing. I don't know what else to say but, Wow! 

I'm a little confused that I seem to be the first to be reporting on this because the news has been out for a couple of months now, but I guess everyone isn't as plugged in as I am.

Anyway, Erdnase is actually a guy named Chris Ramsay. He was on Wizard Wars, for fuck's sake! Right under our noses this whole time. 

The even better news is he's signing copies of his book and you can buy them here for just $50! I just bought 12 dozen of these bad boys. It will be a sweet little investment for my grandkids someday.


Okay, I'm an idiot. This Chris Ramsay guy isn't Erdnase. I misunderstood. I guess this is just a new edition that he did annotations for or something. Sorry.

Also, does anyone want to buy a copy of this through me? I'm going to hold on to a bunch because I'm sure it will still be a pretty good investment, just not sure I need 144 copies.

Update 2

Okay, wrong again. That's what I get for skimming the ad. There is no new material here, no annotations or anything like that. It's just Erdnase. With a black cover.

Does anyone know how quickly you have to act to cancel a credit card order?

Update 3

So is there anything preventing anyone from releasing their own version of Expert At The Card Table? Hell, I'll annotate the shit out that book and come out with my own version.

Update 4

Whoever wrote that ad copy has a way with words. Wait, you can say someone "has a way with" something when they're horrible with it right? Like that mom in Detroit whose kids were found in the freezer; we can say she "has a way with" child-rearing, yes?

It's a tough predicament to try to expand, "It's Expert At The Card Table but with a black cover," into a couple of paragraphs. I guess that's why this is just a bunch of jibberish. If you're the person responsible for this, I've done you the favor of giving you a rough edit:

Unequivocally, the most renowned book of its kind.“The Expert At The Card Table” has often been referred to as the “Bible” of card magic by magicians and gambling experts alike. Due to its content, [Yes, it goes without saying that the value of this work is "due to its content." But that might not be the greatest thing to emphasize when you're trying to sell a book that is only offering a new cover.] It is still today one of the most relevant referrals references on sleight of hand card techniques in the world. The identity of the author “S.W. Erdnase” even today remains one of the most mysterious pseudonyms of our all time. [The pseudonym is from 100+ years ago. It is not "of our time."]

In today's modern age of card sharp, a new genre of conjuror emerges. [What on earth are you talking about?]One that requires the tools to fit trade. [Did the old "genre" of conjuror NOT require the tools to "fit [the] trade"?] This edition of “The Expert At The Card Table” comes in a luxurious black hard cover, with an updated feel. [Updated feel?] The perfect color, the perfect size and the perfect book for any serious collector or practitioner of Erdnase. [I think you don't need to explain that Expert At the Card Table is the "perfect book" for a collector of Erdnase. There aren't a whole lot of other options. "Perfect size"? I don't know why that's the case. As far as the "Perfect color" goes...]

Update 5

The ad does make a good point though. This is a huge improvement on previous versions because it is now "the perfect color." I want women to swoon when I pass. "Who's that mysterious stranger with that black book under his arm?" Finally people will see what a cool guy I am and they won't taunt me and stomp me with their big, heavy boots and call me a faggot like they do when I carry my copy of EATCT with the green cover.

But does this version go far enough? I'm not sure. I really want the cover of my version of Expert at the Card Table to make it clear I'm no sissy. I'm going to put some flames on it. And a skull, but not a normal one; a laughing skull. This skull is going to be like flipping his shit because he's so badass. When you see this skull you'll be all, "I don't know whose flesh used to cover that thing, but I guarantee it was some cool dude, because this skull is a total bad motherfucker."

Update 6

Just sent my graphics guy $1800 to bang out a mock-up of the cover for my edition of EATCT. How sick is this shit?! Forget the Erdnase Color Change. Erdnase just got a sex change, because compared to the original queeny green cover with that fruity non-updated feel, my version is 100% man.