Jerx in the App Store

The Jerx App is now available on the app store. (If you bought the book and you requested a promo code and haven't received it yet, send me an email.)

"$150.00!! Are you kidding me?"

First off, it's not $150. I'm not a monster. It's $149.99.

"Well, you're not going to sell many for that price."

Good! That was the idea.  

When I first had the idea for the functionality of the Jerx app, it was to allow for moments of dual reality for one person as described in this post. And it was specifically made for an effect in The Jerx, Volume One. And thus it was created for the buyers of that book.

Over the months of writing the book and working on the app I discovered a number of other uses for the app other than the one I had originally come up with. It's a true utility app. I consider it the thumbtip of magic apps. The Jerx App - The Thumbtip of Magic Apps™. And I thought some people were going to want the app who had no interest in my style of magic or my thoughts on magic, so they would not be book-buyers. So I put a price on the app that was high, but not unheard of (there are magic apps that are much more expensive that absolutely suck dong). 

So, the app is priced at a point that makes it available to people if they really want it, but also keeps it at what it was intended to be: a bonus for the people who buy the book.

To me, the interesting thing about this app—and I think what makes it particularly versatile— is that, for the most part, the effects don't take place on the phone. While a phone is used in the effects, that's not where the climax of the effect happens (most often). So the idea that an app is involved is, I think, significantly less likely to occur to people. 

I'm not going to bug people here with more posts about the app. And I'm not going to be emailing the owners if there is a new effect added to the half-dozen or so that are currently in the instructions. Instead I will just be utilizing the yellow announcement bar at the top to let people know they should check back in on the effects page.

I will mention that I will soon be adding at least one new effect by a guy whose work I've appreciated for a few years now, and that's Michael Murray, author of A Piece of My Mind. That should be on the instructions page sometime next week. 

Have a good weekend. It's the first full weekend of fall. Go eat a pumpkin, ya blockhead!