Gardyloo #4

I'm going to take the weekend off after a few straight weeks working on this site, the book, the other book, the other other book, the other website, the apps, the newsletter, and the Jerx parody porn. 

Regular posting will resume next week. I have a couple things lined up including the second post in the Project: Slay Them series for armchair non-performers.

I have a few projects/ideas I'm working on that you might be able to provide some input on. So send me an email if you have any insight into these things.

1. Do you use a hand-held impression notebook or impression pad? If so, which one have you found to work the best and why? 

2. I have a razor-blade swallowing effect I'm working on where the spectator unwinds the thread that you swallow and never lets go of the end, yet the razor blades appear strung on the thread. Does anyone know if there is another version like this? I don't want to invest time in this if I'm reinventing something.

3. Do you know where I can get an all white Rubik's cube? I know the notion sounds stupid but I have a good idea for one. I'm guessing it would be easiest just to pull off the stickers and make one, but if there's another option you know of, let me know. [UPDATE: Thanks everyone who wrote in about this. I now have them tracked down. If my idea for this works, I'll post it up here in a couple months.]

I got an email from Hocus-Pocus the other day that tantalized me with this tidbit...

Hmmm... I wonder! Why does Shin Lim use this deck every day?  I guess it's just his completely unbiased opinion that this deck of cards that he created and is branded with his name is the best one out there.

And finally, congrats to Mark Davis, aka Mark Major, for getting an in-depth article on Wales Online! I must admit, I have not read the article yet. But when have I ever been disappointed by a small-time magician making the news? No, I'm sure this is another fine example of a children's entertainer setting the bar high for the art and certainly not being a stain on humanity. 

Hold on... just going to scan the article to pick out a couple key phrases.

Well, it seems one young boy is saying that Mark "took him for an afternoon out to Burger King." That's the Mark I know. I always heard him telling kids he wanted to give them a Whopper for them to wrap their mouths around. Great guy.

What else... oh, well look at this, someone describes Mark as "clothed in an aura of respectability." That sounds like a quote for the show poster, Mark! That's clearly a compliment, I don't care what context it's said in.

Congrats, Mark Major! We salute you!