My Internet is Down: Day 3

Our long national nightmare is almost over. Time Warner Cable should be coming tomorrow to restore service. I will practically fellate the guy while he is here just for finally providing the service they are paid to provide. 

Here's a peek at some upcoming posts in the days/weeks to come.

The Mad-Lib Ploy - A true roller-coaster ride of a presentation that starts in improvisational chaos and ends by exposing the true nature of what's going on, but that only brings up bigger questions for your audience. In a departure from what I normally do, I also include a stage presentation for this.

The HK Word Reveal - A visually interesting, seemingly logical, but completely impossible presentation for a center tear.

Wildcard - I'm going to set it up so you can predict the score and winner of the one-game wildcard playoff in this year's baseball post-season.

Banana Split - In what may be the first in a series looking at beginner's magic tricks, I'll show you a way to really fuck someone's mind by pushing the old "banana pre-cut in its peel" trick to the edge of believability.  

And the usual other shit as well.

Let's all pray the cable guy shows up. I'm running out of pictures on my phone (I'm not much of a picture taker).

Here's a picture of some "home made style" drinkable yogurt. You know, like that "home made" drinkable yogurt your mamita used to make.


"Drinkable yogurt" is how I refer to my semen.  

That's not true. Actually I call it "Banana Creme Muscle Milk." (Contains no milk)