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The Jerx, Season Two: Young Reckless Hearts

The Jerx Monthly

The Jerx Premium Playing Cards

My original funding plan for season two of The Jerx was to offer no bonuses and just let the people who wanted to support give and—if there were enough of them—I would keep going with the site.

I've had a change of heart after discussing this plan with a friend of mine who reminded me, "Andy, you don't like the people who freeload off the site. Why would you offer them the same experience as those who support it?"

And yeah! He's right! I hate those bums!

I had been caught up with the idea that to provide "bonuses" would require more time, and time is the commodity I don't have. 

Then I realized the stupidly simple solution to the issue. Instead of offering 5 posts a week on this site, I will hold back my favorite post or two each week and instead include that in a new project The Jerx Monthly.

What is the Jerx Monthly? Well... it's like the Jerx... but... monthly.

It's going to be a PDF magazine of, probably, 20ish pages of all original material (it won't reprint anything from the blog). It will be the best of the tricks that had been slotted for season two of this site, plus the sorts of new product reviews I had done in X-Communication, plus the Jerx Centerfold.

This is, I think, a better deal for everyone. It's certainly better for me because it allows me more flexibility. Instead of five posts a week on this site, there will be three posts a week, and then four reviews and four tricks/essays in the magazine. It's the same amount of content but now the best content is being saved for supporters of the site. 

Why not just put it all in a magazine? Well, because some stuff is more appropriate for a blog and some stuff is more timeless and makes more sense as a magazine article.

In addition, those who keep their monthly donation active throughout year two will receive the limited edition Jerx Deck. This is an idea I've had for a couple years. It does one really stupid thing that is funny to me. You'll see.

So here are the perks for Jerx Season Two supporters

  • The knowledge that you're keeping this site going. And my appreciation for your support. (Value: $6.00) 
  • A subscription to The Jerx Monthly - 240 pages of original content over the course of the year.
  • The first Jerx Deck. A hyper limited-edition deck of playing cards. The cost of the deck and shipping are covered in the $10/month donation.
  • This may not mean anything but you'll have priority email contact with me. I'll white-list your email address. One of the big timesinks of this site is the time spent going back and forth over email. I genuinely enjoy communicating with people about the site, but it sucks up a huge amount of time. So now only supporter's emails will come through immediately. Everything else will go to a folder that I'll check every week or so as time permits.  

So when does this start? 

Well, it's not definitely going to happen. Here's the situation. If and when we reach 100% funding, this site will start back up and the Jerx Monthly will start arriving soon after. I will update the chart below that shows the funding percentage on a regular basis.

(If you signed up but didn't respond to the verification email, I have no idea that you signed up so make sure to check your email and confirm your subscription to the list of supporters.)

And let me say a huge and genuine thanks to those of you who signed up to support season 2 at a time when you were offered nothing more for your support beyond the continuation of the site itself. That's truly appreciated. 

If you haven't signed up yet and you're interested in another year of this site and the bonuses that come with funding season 2, sign up below. Thanks.

I'm in for $10/month to support season 2, subscribe to The Jerx Monthly, and receive the Jerx Deck

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