Horn Tooting

Here are some nice things people have had to say about this site/The JAMM recently.

Andy, your idea for the black noise/card station imp is superb.  We have been conducting research in my classes over the last month or so, and I told the students that I was looking into "fringe" brain studies.  Throughout our research time, I have been showing students some of the "experiments" I found in my research (the transgressive disney anagram was strong), and today I showed them the black noise experiment.  The students flipped their shit, and I played along, pretending to be completely freaked out.  Your willingness to always think outside of the box, and your willingness to share that thinking is making an enormous difference in the way I present magic.  Thanks.

--Reader J.R. via email.

I originally overlooked A Firm Background in Remembering from JAMM #2 when I first read it, but on re-reading it recently I decided to try it out. Holy shit did it get a way better reaction than I expected! This is the first coin change I've performed that really felt like a coin actually somehow changed and wasn't just replaced with a different coin. It's now my go-to impromptu effect. Thanks!

-- Reader C.F. via email

Jack Shalom's comments on this site on his blog.

He brings up something that I actually am genuinely proud of—that this site, the magazine, the books, and everything always appear on the schedule I say they will. I don't think anyone who has been a supporter of this site has any fear that I'm ever not going to deliver on what I promise. They can have faith in that for two reasons. First, I'm not a shithead—I realize failing to follow thru on your obligations became almost customary in magic. "What's that? You're going to put out a quarterly magazine? Okay, so I should expect the first issue soon. Issue 2 six months from now. Issue 3 in two years. And issue 4 never. Got it." How Jeff Busby went 30 years without someone knocking his teeth in just goes to show how seemingly accepted it became to bail on your commitments.

The second—and main—reason I can be so consistent is because of your support. Your support allows me to set aside the time needed every month to write this site and The JAMM. And I treat this site like I do any other freelance work I have. (It just pays a lot less.) 

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