Book Updates (Final Week), GLOMM Updates, Pedo Updates

You have one more week to order the book, after which point I have to submit to the publisher the final number of copies to be printed. I've made this point before but some people have questioned me about it over email, so, for the final time: I'm going to be printing enough copies to cover the orders, a few copies for myself, and then as many more as I need to get to the next price break on the printing. Is that confusing? The way I wrote it makes it sound like the "The Trick That Fooled Einstein."

Basically, what it means is I will only have a small quantity available after the book is actually printed. Due to the limited supply and the fact there will never be another printing, the price is going to go up once this week is over (since, at that point, my final order will be in with the publisher and it will be a limited resource). It will immediately go to $300 and won't include the bonuses.

I'm not concerned with selling as many books as possible. My only concern is making sure everyone who wants one gets one. So if you want one, place your order soon.

If you want a copy but this week is a bad week, for whatever reason, then you can reserve a copy at this price, with the bonuses, by signing up for The Jerx Coffee Club. That was introduced back in October as a way to buy the book via a $5ish weekly donation. You can still sign up for it now which would reserve your copy of the book. The book will be sent once you're paid in full, and you can pay off the balance at any point in time. If you stop payments before you're paid in full... well... then you've just made a donation to me for nothing in return, so don't do that. 

The book is about 50% new material. When you get it, I would read it through linearly, for two reasons. First, there is new material in the old material. Second, you'll be super confused by some things if you don't read it straight through. There are some weird parts of the book that are explained in other areas of the book and you'll have no idea what the hell is going on if you haven't read the prior part.

Here is the final list of new effects in the book. This won't mean anything to you, but it's exciting to me to have this finalized:

  • A Very Unusual Camera (Probably the strongest effect I've created.)
  • And Now He Is Me (My favorite punchline of any effect ever.)
  • A Brief History of Cartomancy from the 15th Century to Today (fake chapter with a trick built into it)
  • Dear Penthouse Forum (I would say it's the greatest story deck trick ever, but that's damning with faint praise. It's really just an incredibly strong trick, with a story deck element that is both funny and mindboggling. Prop Included.)
  • Dream Weavers (A card transposition that happens overnight)
  • The Magician’s Role as Moral Arbiter & A Guided Visualization (Another fake chapter with instructions for a different trick that's built into the book. Prop Included
  • I Know What You Need (Featuring the Jerx App, free for all pre-orders.)
  • Narrow Your Eyes (The only effect I was talked into including. It's a very slight reframing of a classic mentalism effect. But it's impromptu and I do it ALL the time and it's a favorite of my friends so I'm including it.)
  • Pale Horse and Rider (A complete reworking of one of the first effects I ever published on the MCJ site. And a lesson in turning weaknesses into strengths.)
  • Shutterlock (My favorite word reveal for a group.)
  • The Shadow of the Shallow End (My favorite presentation for OOTW which allows a much cleaner handling as well.)
  • The UY Gambit (The most basic example of 3rd Wave Equivoque between two objects. Can be used in many different effects and is essentially invisible. I've often fooled people who understand equivoque with it.)
  • The Return (More of anecdote than a trick, but it is a trick, and one I will give you the instructions for, you just probably won't be able or willing to do it. Regardless it's the greatest trick ever performed.)

There's only one essay in the book, a long one containing my best/favorite ideas on presentation from this site along with some new material, including the actual step-by-step process I use for coming up with presentations. Everything else in the book is tricks or concepts used in tricks, including further exploration on 3rd Wave Equivoque.

You'll be happy to know this is the last sales pitch you'll have to read for the book. If you like this site, and if you can afford it, you should pull the trigger. And you might think, Well, yeah of course you'd say that. But the truth is, if it had turned out another way I probably would have just released it quietly to the people who pre-ordered. If I thought it stunk, I wouldn't encourage anyone to get it at this point.

All shirt sizes are currently in for anyone ordering their GLOMM membership kit (Elite level), with the exception of 4XL which have turned out to be frustratingly hard to get printed and get printed correctly. I appreciate the patience of the two friends of the site who are waiting for those sizes. 

The red shirt for Secret Hyper-Elite Platinum members are being reprinted as we speak and should be ready this coming Wednesday and will be mailed the following day.

Jerx: Australia came through—going so far as to search through court records—and it looks like we've identified the creep from a couple posts back. I'll be publishing his name when I kick his ass out of the GLOMM soon. I just want to be 100% sure (we're about 99.9% now). I'm just happy I won't have to kick the entire continent out which was my backup plan.

Apparently in Australia, if you're a pedophile, you can petition to have the court not release your name publicly. You can read more about it here. It's kind of interesting. Of course, I'm not in Australia, and I don't give a shit, so I'll release his name regardless of what the court says.

And finally, along these lines, I received the most unexpected email since I started this site. I won't give away too many details as you'll understand in a moment, although he did give me permission to mention the email here. It was from someone who wrote to say he was a magician who struggled with "sexual fantasies about children." He said he never acted on them and was married and in a "normal" relationship. He finished by saying, "I know the 'sexual predator' angle of the GLOMM is intended as a joke/threat but I've found myself thinking about it frequently. I look at the list of banned members and think that I don't want my name to be on there. I don't even know who you are but I don't want you labelling me a creep or a monster because I know it would be true. I can't control my thoughts but I can control my actions and your site is playing a role in that."

Holy shit.

Sometimes I feel like this is the strangest site on the internet.

The Global League of Magicians & Mentalists: Changing the world for the better for, like, a few weeks now.