Raw Materials

I have two tricks I'm working on that I could use some help with. 

For the first, I'm looking for someone near Osaka, Japan who has some free time this weekend. If that's you, get in touch.

For the second, I'm trying to track down this deck of cards.

Ideally a complete deck, if possible. 

If you're able to help with either of these requests, let me know. There will be compensation for both. And you'll see behind the scenes on some tricks I'm working on that will likely never be written up on this site because they are either too complex or the situation is uniquely personal to me.

Wait... the tricks you write up for this site are your non-personal, non-complex ones? 

Yeah, pretty much.

This video of a stickman drawn in dry erase marker and doused in water got a bit of traction the past couple of days. I thought it might be bogus, but I tried it with a shitty dry-erase marker I had on hand and had a similar (but shittier) result.  In 3 months when it's forgotten I think it would make a good element of a magic trick, although I'm not quite sure in what way just yet. 

I saw Split this weekend and thought it was pretty good. 

I feel like multiple personality disorder would make for a good premise for something because it's inherently fascinating and seemingly somewhat bogus in a way. But I don't have the acting chops to pull it off, so I'd never be able to come up with something I could actually do in order to write it up for here. 

You could do that ace trick where the four aces are lost in the deck and you find each one in a different way, and it could be a different personality that finds each ace. "Hi, I'm Lance, the shittiest personality, so I'm going to spell to your card."

Or perhaps a good long-term gambit would be to tell people you have an alternate personality who can read minds. That way you would never feel like you were compelled to perform, you could only do it when your alter was around. Or if you fuck up a trick in the middle of it you could be like, "Oh damn, Dr. Mesmerbrain has just left. It's just me, Pete. What's going on? You're thinking of a number. Oh, dear. I have no idea...uhm...is it 9? What? It's 400 billion? Damn. I was barely close at all. Come back, Dr. Mesmerbrain!"

I want to market condoms that, instead of being lubricated, are coated with Adams Mystic Smoke.

Then, when you're fucking someone, it will start smoking. And if you record it and play it back at triple speed, it will look like you're going so fast your junk is catching on fire.

You can go ahead and add this idea to my file of "100% perfect ideas."