Hold on…


Sorry. Had to dust off my keyboard.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with feedback in regards to Magic For Young Lovers. It was pretty overwhelming. I knew the material was strong, because I’ve performed it all. But I still never really know how these things are going to be received by the people who pony up the money to make this all happen. So I’m glad to hear people felt it was worth their investment.

Okay, so let’s say you came to this site late and you’ve been reading everything in order and you’ve finally gotten to this post. Going forward from this point you’re going to find the posting to be slightly different. Posts will be shorter, they’ll go less in-depth into the topics, and the posts will be generally dumber, I would guess.

Originally my idea was just to put everything I wrote in regards to magic on this site. I thought of myself as someone who wrote a blog and maybe would sometimes collect some of those blog posts and put them in a book for posterity. But then I realized, “Aw, fudge. I’m the best writer in magic period, not just on a blog. That means I have to find the best outlet for different content. I can’t just dump everything on the site.” Fully-formed tricks, in-depth theory, or detailed testing results are they type of content that is probably not best presented in blog form. That’s what I’ve been learning.

One thing I was surprised by with the feedback on MFYL is how many people mentioned a post or a trick from the book that had been on this site for a year or two but it didn’t really connect with them until they read it in the context of the book.

So, I’m not just saving the “best” stuff for the books and other publications as a reward for the supporters, but also because I think that’s the context that they shine better in. It can be hard to appreciate something when it’s posted for free for everyone to view.

I fall into the same trap. I’ll see a trick in a magazine and think, “Oh, that seems pretty good.” But it’s not until 8 years later when it’s released as a paid download that I really recognize how strong it is. That’s human nature.

So going forward you can expect:

Short, but more frequent posts. I don’t know if I’ll be on a schedule or not, but it will probably average five or so posts a week.

More posts that fall into these categories, which are what blogs do best: short, punchy posts; posts with a lot of images; posts with video and gifs; posts that are dealing with something timely; posts containing ideas that aren’t yet fully-formed; stupid posts.

Posts that present the start of a conversation on magic theory/practice. Rather than try an encapsulate an entire idea in 2400 words, I’ll spend 500 giving you the basic idea and supporters will get the more fleshed out version later on.

More behind-the-scenes stuff.

More reader mail posts.

More off-topic posts (music, “Splooge”-esque lifestyle posts, and posts about non-magic things I’m into).

The Jerx has been an evolving thing since it first launched and I’m not exactly sure what it will turn into going forward. But don’t worry. It will still be pretty much the best thing going.

I’ve had a lot of emails asking what’s going on with this year’s support options/rewards.

Here’s the deal:

On Wednesday an email will go out to all Season 3 supporters with the details on signing up for Season 4. They’ll have a week to sign up if they so choose.

If someone chooses not to sign up, then their slot will become available for a new person.

On Thursday, the 21st, those slots will be made available to anyone interested on a first-come, first-serve basis (details will be in that day’s post—don’t write me early and say “put me down for one of the openings,” that’s not how it works.)

And, for the most part, that will be the end of the discussion on this site in regards to Season 4 support. Isn’t that nice? This thing is completely reader-supported. And I don’t have to go out and spam message boards to get people to sign up for it. And we’re at the point where I don’t even have to mention it a bunch on this site itself. There will just be a couple posts early on and then we’re all set for 10 straight months of fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!