Heads Up

If you were interested in obtaining the upcoming book, and you wanted to do so via the monthly payment option, you have a few weeks to sign up for it before that option isn't available anymore. So, there's no huge rush, but it is something that will be going away next month. 

I've got a couple emails from newer readers asking what X-Communication is. X-Comm is, at this point, a quarterly newsletter that goes to supporters of the site. It originally started out as primarily reviews back in the first season of the site. But now I think of it as the outlet I use when I want to talk about other people's work. So that includes reviews, but also looks at different plots in magic, my personal routines for marketed items, and spotlighting effects from older books/DVDs.

For example, in the Summer issue of X-Comm there will be articles about:

  • Some of my favorite effects with a "coincidence" premise
  • What tricks I carry in my wallet as of Summer 2018
  • A two-phase coin routine that uses a time-gap (as talked about last week) to turn a fairly standard coin effect into a real mind-fuck

The way things have kind of shaken out—and I think this is a pretty good system—is that the best routines and ideas I come up with are saved for the book; my thoughts on other people's commercially available effects are in the newsletter; and this site is for everything else (ideas in development, commentary, testing results, random thoughts, and gifs... mostly gifs).

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