Gardyloo #16

Hey app owners. Version 1.3 should be in the app store now or will be shortly. It adds a pretty sweet new feature to the app that I think you're going to like called "Light Lunch." Check the instructions for the details.

JL writes in to suggest this mask for those of you want to go as a homeless Kenton Knepper for Halloween. (Or regular Kenton Knepper. What's the difference.) 

Professor Andster writes in to suggest combining the recent Drone Strike trick with Bazillion Dollar Bill Mystery and having the second half of the bill appear attached to the drone. It's a good idea. The nice thing about BDBM is you can literally cause that bill to appear anywhere. A floating island in the sky is a good place. 

Friends of the Jerx: Andy Martin Wants You to Listen to Derek and Clive

["Friends of The Jerx" is where I highlight people who have contributed to this site, the projects they're involved in, or the subjects they're interested in.]

Andy Martin has many products and services he could ask me to shill if he wanted to, but he doesn't. Instead he just wants me to spread the word about British comedy duo Derek and Clive.

Derek and Clive are characters created by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Well "characters" might be too much of a stretch. The audio recordings they made aren't exactly big character studies. In fact they remind me of the audio tapes I used to make with friends when I was a kid. Just two people sitting around trying to make each other laugh. But Derek and Clive are much, much filthier than I ever was or have been, and much darker too. Apparently Moore and Cook's relationship was falling apart and you can hear it in these recordings. I don't know about that because I knew nothing about Moore and Cook's partnership. 

There's not really much to say about the albums they put out. They defy any critical analysis really. I wish I had discovered these recordings when I was a 13-year-old British boy in the late 70s. I have a feeling I would have found them to be the funniest thing ever back then. These days the language, while hyper crude, isn't so shocking. So something like a horse race where the horses are named dirty words doesn't really reverberate that much with me. Although watching how much Dudley Moore gets a kick out of it during the recording does make me enjoy it.

So do Andy Martin a favor and check out some Derek and Clive. If you're a genuine sick fuck weirdo you'll probably really be taken with it right away. I've been listening to it on and off for a year now. I particularly enjoy the improvisational style and the dynamic between the two performers. At the very least you'll start talking about everything giving you "the horn" which is something I picked up and enjoy saying about pretty much anything. (Because pretty much anything does give me the horn.)

Here's the album Andy recommended to me: