Sundry Drive No. 1

I think Sundays here will be a day for some half-thoughts, links, stupid pictures, reader mail, etc.

Regarding mail, I will generally not use your full name unless the subject is something innocuous and I know you well enough to know your cool with it. (As in we've shared a bunch of emails or you've outed yourself as a reader by following me on twitter (I don't really post on twitter. I just use it to see what other people are up to. And if you do follow me I'll probably end up replying with something inappropriate to something you write, so I wouldn't bother.)) Your secrets are safe with me. You don't have to pull an Andi Gladwin and write in with a bunch of fake email addresses. Every day it's a new one. "You should really do a post on how Joshua Jay's new haircut stinks." or "How about a series of posts on Joshua Jay's haircut? What a joke. Thanks, Randy Shadwin." And all the emails are like and You're not fooling me, Andi.

So did Criss Angel really save that guys life, or what?

I mean, the answer is, "of course not." But the only scientific proof we have is that that guy hasn't killed himself yet, which is the only acceptable reaction to the thought, "I owe my life to Criss Angel."

E.M. writes:

Is there a reason you don't have comments on your blog? I know you'll attract a lot of hate, but that's part of the fun isn't it?

This is a question I've received a few times. The truth is, having no comments is my gift to you. Every other site on the web wants your feedback. But here you can just read my site, register for yourself how you feel about a given post, and move on.

Also, as I wrote to E.M.:

As far as comments go, I just never really looked at my site as a place for people to discuss ideas. It's just a place for me to say whatever I want and then people are free to like it or not. Plus I just want to be constantly moving forward and thinking up new things, not debating ideas I had weeks or months earlier.

That's not to say I don't like getting feedback. I do. But if someone has an issue with something I said, or wants to educate me, or just wants to say something nice, they can email me. Problem solved. 

If you've read this site you know my preferred performance style is one-on-one. I like to imagine that's the way I'm writing too. That I'm having a one-on-one interaction, just with a lot of people at the same time. If that makes sense. It's just you and me, princess.

I used to have an attorney who was a regular reader of the old site. I don't know if he's found his way to this one yet. If you're an attorney, send me an email, because I have an idea for a post that I think will get me sued.

Have a good Sunday. Enjoy the funny pages.