Daughters of Zeus

The JAMM cover models will collectively be known as the JAMM Muses.

Why did I settle on that? Well, for a few reasons. It's a positive association and label that I don't mind slapping on a group of people. It's literally true for some of these women. There is a magical/enchanting association to the name. The dictionary definition of a muse is "a goddess presiding over a particular art," so it's perfectly appropriate for this niche performing arts magazine.

Not only that, but JAMM Muse evokes the French phrase j'amuse, meaning "I amuse" or "I entertain."

And if you put that into google translate and go back and forth a few times you get this.

I amuse. I entertain. I have fun.

That's as close to a motto as this site has. It's the, "I Came-I Saw-I Conquered" of the casual magic scene. I'd translate it into latin to give it some extra gravitas, but everything I try just translates "I have fun" to "I have fun."

Which is kind of winningly stupid. I like to imagine a Roman general screaming to 1000s of soldiers.

"Ego ludere!" 

[Audience roars.]

"Ego concepi!"

[Audience roars.]

"I have fun! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Much thanks to JM Beckers for the suggestion. [By the way, JM co-authored an unbelievable variation on the Kruskal effect called A Bumblebee's Flight where the deck is shuffled by the spectator. It's one of those methods that amazes you that it actually works. I specifically like the variation from a new deck that is demonstrated by Tomas Blomberg. I have a couple presentational variations for this style of effect. One of which will likely come out here or in the mag. However, it could be a while because it's a little complex and I want to have the opportunity to try it out a couple more times before I write it up.]

If you signed up to support year two and you haven't yet subscribed to the JAMM, and you intend to, it would be great if you could do so before this weekend. [Subscribe here.] This will just give me some idea of how many are on board and how many flaked. Plus, once an issue is released any new subscriptions will start with the next issue. 

Here is the first JAMM Muse (J'AMMuse? I don't know. I'll play around with it) Jessica Michelle, showing us the 21 card trick while on a break from shooting.