Get Up to Date with Updates!

1 - The newest version of The Jerx app should be deployed tomorrow. Go to the instructions and scroll down to where it says April 2019 Update to see what’s been added.

2 - The first issue of the X-Comm review newsletter was sent to subscribers on Sunday at 9:34 PM, New York time. If you were expecting a copy, but didn’t get it, first check your spam. If it’s not there, make sure you’re checking the email associated with your paypal account (which is the default address I use unless you tell me otherwise.)

3 - The Exaltation of Joshua Jay Contest is being extended to Friday at noon, New York time. See the details of it in the post on April 11th.

The prize package has grown. Not only does it include all the Tenyo items you see here.


But a friend of the site is going to donate your choice of one of the following older and rarer Tenyo items.

  • The Nostradamus Clock

  • X-Ray File

  • Squeeze Play

  • Lucky Rabbit

  • Silver Express

  • Krazy Keys

  • Alpha Tunnel

  • Knife of the Ninja

  • Telephone Telepathy

And you will get a $100 gift certificate to Vanishing Inc. Is Vanishing Inc. sponsoring this contest? No! I’m sponsoring the contest. (But hell, if any magic company would like to sponsor this contest, feel free, I’ll dump the Vanishing Inc. gift certificate like a hot potato for your $100 gift certificate).

Also, I’ve changed the way I’m going to judge the contest. Originally I was just going to picke the one I liked “best.” But I’m seemingly incapable of judging that, because each time a new entry comes in, I think, “Oh! I like this one best.” Recency bias and just generally being a happy-go-lucky ding-dong, delighted by everything, prevent me from judging the contest as I’d like. So instead I will nominate the top 3 or 5 (or more), and the winner will either be chosen randomly, or by a vote (if I can find a good way to do that).

If you’re like, “Oooh, I don’t care about Tenyo, but I’d like the gift certificate,” or, “I’d like something off that older Tenyo list, but I don’t need the new ones, I already have them,” just know that if you win you can accept any portion of the prize you like and the rest will be offered to the person in second place, and so on down the line.

There’s no point in entering if you’re not going to put some real effort into mimicking a JJ photo. I already have plenty of solid entrants, so you’ll have to do some work to crack the top 5, although it’s still very doable.

And yes, your photos will definitely be posted if you’re in the top group, and possibly even if you’re not. Although my default will be to not use your name, just your initials, so it won’t show up on a google search. IF you want your name associated with it, you’ll have to explicitly state that. For example, “Oh, please use my name. I want friends, family, and potential employers to be able to google my name and find a picture of me mimicking Joshua Jay except instead of a deck of cards I’m holding a clear dildo.”