Pay Your Happiness Bill

I've been an advocate on this site for investing in the things that make you happy

Even if you're not that into this site and you're just here randomly, I still suggest you set aside part of your monthly budget to support those things you do enjoy. It's one of the best things I started doing regularly. I look at it like paying my phone bill. Except it's my happiness bill. I'm supporting the things that make me happy. And I don't want the universe to shut off my happiness, so I pay my happiness bill every month. It feels good. And I end up getting more enjoyment from those things. It's a win-win for everyone.

Here are some of the things that bring me joy that I invest in every month:

the Doughboys Podcast

the Best Show

Cayleigh Elise's creepy true crime youtube channel


Sword and Scale True Crime Podcast

Captain Disillusions youtube channel

ASMR Requests youtube channel

This site is totally reader supported, no advertisers or wealthy beneficiaries. And because this site has such a small target audience it's particularly reliant on the generosity of the people who like it to keep it going. If you enjoy this site I hope you'll consider supporting the site. You get a monthly magazine/ebook with tricks and reviews and you get the 2017 Jerx Deck of playing cards with your paid yearly subscription. Join me, for good times and good karma.