This Is How We Fall

Everybody! It's September 23rd! It's autumn! Which, if you live in the northeast US, is the greatest time of the year. And if you don't live here, come move here for Pete's sake! Don't you love fall foliage, picking apples, Halloween, a chill in the air, homecoming weekend, pumpkin-spice lattes, college football, cuddling, the World Series, and wearing hoodies? What more do you want? This season is everything. (I apologize to my Australian readers for all the autumn talk. I know seasons are backwards there and... like... leaves fall up into the trees or something? I'm not sure how it works.)

I also think fall is a great time to reassess things in your life. Who was it who said, "Autumn is the springtime of the mind"? Let me look it up.

Hmmm. Apparently I'm the one who said it because I can't find that quote anywhere. But I sure as hell didn't make it up. Or maybe I did? Anyway, autumn is when I'm motivated to take stock of things and make decisions about what's to come. It was last autumn that I decided to start up this site, and that turned out to be a good idea.

Speaking of which, I'm meeting with a couple close-friends/advisors later today to talk about what options there are for keeping this site as an on-going thing. As of now I have the posts to go through mid-late 2016, but it's just a matter of available time. I've been spending 20 to 30 hours a week working on this site, and I was able to do that because I was taking a break from my normal freelance work. But soon I'll have to return to that. I really do love writing the site, and if I were independently wealthy I'd keep it going for a long time. But my stupid bank keeps insisting I'm not independently wealthy so I need to either stop or come up with some way to make the site self-perpetuating. Unfortunately, the appeal of this site is so narrow that to keep it going will require the support of pretty much all the people who like it. There's not enough people who resonate with my view on magic or the world that the site can continue with just a percentage of the people who like it backing it. So if it's important to you that this site keeps going, when the opportunity comes to support it, you're going to need to be all in. More on that in a couple of weeks. 

Let me get back to ruminating about autumn.

Here's a Martha Stewart-esque hot tip for you for a fall treat. I like to mix peanuts and candy corn together. It tastes like a deconstructed Payday bar. 

What are you doing? Go mix up a bowl already. For your health.

Speaking of, here's another great fall tip...

And finally, quite possibly the greatest autumn band of all time, The Clientele, released a best-of album a couple weeks ago called Alone and Unreal. Go track that shit down.