Book Report 2/4

[These updates are for the people interested in the forthcoming Jerx Book. Scroll down to get to the regular posts.]

Today's Work:

Today I worked on an effect I am temporarily calling:

From the Shadows of the Shallow End

This is my handling and presentation for Out Of This World. I spent much of the day researching every other version I could find, including all 400 pages of Best of All Worlds, Brent Geris' book devoted to variations on OOTW. From what I can tell, my version is different from any other both presentationally and handling wise.

  • The presentation makes it about something "bigger" than just separating a deck into reds and blacks and justifies every action in the trick.
  • No indicator cards are used
  • Just uses a regular deck.
  • Includes (what I believe to be) a brand new clean-up that is faster than the original, just as easy and not discrepant. 
  • Leaves the spectator with a souvenir of the effect (and no, it's not a playing card), that has meaning, and they will keep forever.