The Eternal Promise Between Lovers

Courtesy of our friends at the Magic Transcribed twitter

I have no idea who wrote this, but whoever did, consult your physician. “Word salad” is a sign of schizophrenia.

Y’all know you can hire people to write ad copy, yes? It’s a job. I’ve done it. You don’t need to point to the person who packs the orders for your company and say, “Hey, why don’t you crank out a couple paragraphs. Better yet, just scan some Hank Lee newsletters and a love note written by a learning-disabled 12-year-old into the computer and have it spit something out based on that input.”

Now, perhaps this is the result of a bad translation of something that reads perfectly fine in another language. Okay… but if that’s the case, what about the guy doing the talking? That’s an English speaking human, right? It’s not a talking cockatiel in a human suit repeating sounds without understanding meaning, is it? Why didn’t he stop at some point and say, “Hey guys, I just realized, this is a bunch of gibberish”?

When you make a proposal or make a confession, it will offer you a brand new possibility.

Say what?

A confession?

“That’s right. I raped him. I murdered him. And you know what? I’d do it again if given the chance. Throw the book at me if you want, but first…”


Charges dropped!

Ok, on a completely different subject, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Feel free to download and print the image below on a heavy card stock as the ultimate expression of love for the man or woman in your life.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.45.45 AM.png