Try To Keep Up, Ya Stupids

I get a number of emails asking me to explain things about this site or my posts. For this one time I will address them. But that's not going to happen going forward, so step it up. If you don't get the references (pop culture or magic), inside jokes with people who have emailed me, jokes that are based on a thought I once had and never shared with anybody, callbacks to jokes I made 10 years ago on a site that you probably didn't read back then and has since been deleted and now can only partially be read on the internet archive, then tough. This site is like MST3K in that way. You're not meant to get everything. 

But for one time only, I will educate the children and the dummies. (Smarties, I'll see you tomorrow.)

  • The site is called The Jerx because I ran a site called The Magic Circle Jerk and because of a famous magic/mentalism magazine called The Jinx that was produced by Theodore Annemann. Believe it or not, there are a not-negligible amount of people who didn't get that. I was going to name the site Annemann's Oven, with the sub-heading "See What's Cooking In Annemann's Oven," because I heard he killed himself by sucking in the gas from his oven. But Annemann is too hard to spell, and it didn't quite show the level of respect I have for him which is genuinely enormous. He is probably one of my top three favorite people in the history of this art.
  • The site artwork is a reference to the Jinx as well.
  • The "Pop!" post was simply a corollary to the "Poof!" post on MCJ. What you thought was a vanish was actually a transposition/transformation. 10 years ago it went poof, and now it pops back into existence.
  • On the site, the second video is a bunch of revelations for traditional mentalism forces:
    1. The 37 force
    2. The triangle/circle force
    3. The 1089 force
    4. The grey elephant in Denmark force
  • Californium 252 is a radioactive metallic chemical that cost $27 million per gram and only 8 grams have ever been produced.
  • An Orgone Box is a box that captures the healing power of orgasms and cures cancer or something.
  • "Fisting" is the act of putting your fist into someone's vagina or asshole. 
  • To "86" something in the restaurant world means to stop selling something/take it off the menu (usually just for the evening).
  • MST3K is Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show about a guy in space who makes fun of movies with robots he built. There are a lot logic and plot holes in the conceit of the show that you should really just chill out about.
  • That last bullet-point was a reference to the the theme song to Mystery Science Theater 3000.