Caster of Worthless Spells

Hmm... maybe I should have splashed ink on all the copies of JV1 because the final four "imperfect" test copies all sold over the weekend. 

There is one copy left. It costs $38,001, but shipping is free!

Coming in The JAMM #2

Caster of Worthless Spells

It starts as a word game which you lose in spectacular fashion.

"I think I'm better at the advanced version you say."

You play the advanced version and lose again.

"Well... maybe this wasn't about the game at all. You see before we played I made a prediction on what would happen."

You pull a business card out of your wallet. On the back is written:

I Will Win Both Games

"Dammit!" you say. [If I'm performing for another magician I'll mumble, "I think I was supposed to have you read that."]

Finally your spectator reaches into their own pocket to find one final prediction that's inaccurate in the most incredible way possible.

Previously, I offered my presentational variation on the work of John Bannon and Simon Aronson's work, creating the most impressive least impressive prediction (In JV1 as Meta-Bored).

Now I team up with Bannon again to teach (with his permission) my head-to-toe redressing of one of my favorite effects of his, creating the most impressive completely inaccurate prediction: Caster of Worthless Spells. It's 12 minutes of interactive, engaging and funny presentation with an amazing conclusion. It's completely practical, uses items you have on hand or can buy from the dollar store, packs flat and plays big.

It packs flatter and plays even bigger than a game of Body Boggle.

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