You're Only A Day Away

Tomorrow morning this site returns, back on the usual publishing schedule.

Tomorrow night, just before midnight New York time, the JAMM #9 will be released to all subscribers.

This is the Halloween issue featuring a few tricks to make people's skin crawl. Legit spooky stuff. Not like, "I drew a vampire bat on this card and no matter how many times you put him in the middle, he always flies to the top of the deck!" 

And I'm very happy that Issue #9 will mark the return of Jerri, our original GLOMM muse, JV1 illustration model, and now JAMM Muse for October. 

She will be doing her best Fred Kaps for the cover.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.48.01 PM.png

But since it's the super spooktacular Halloween issue, she will actually be doing Freddy Kaps.