A Recap of Derek Delgaudio's Final In and Of Itself Performance

If you're not on Twitter, you may have missed me kindly recapping the final NYC show of In and Of Itself. When I perform a valuable service like this, I don't intend to limit it to one platform, so for those of you who don't follow me there—and who weren't at the show—here is what you missed.

One moment I forgot to write up was when he did a floating dollar bill trick. It really didn't seem up to the same level as most of the material I've seen him perform in the past. And at one point the thread broke and the dollar fell to the ground. At least, I thought that was what happened. But at that point Derek dropped his head and said—somewhat under his breath—"Oh, great Moloch, almighty King, chief of Satan's angels. I beseech ye, make the bill rise. In turn, I, your loyal servant, will make the soil red and saturated with the scrotal blood of a dozen boy scouts." And, wouldn't you know it, the bill started to rise again. 

Here I was, trying to figure out if he was using a loop or a thread reel, and it turns out he was using a blood sacrifice to the god Moloch from the scrotums of young boys! Well, he got me good with that one.