Update 4 - The Coffee Club

It's been a long week for me and I'm just about completely out of sorts from having my sleep-schedule turned upside down, but it's been a fun and interesting week too.

We are a few days away from the deadline to donate to the site and receive the The Jerx book and the extras as well. In all honesty, barring a huge push of donations over the next couple of days, The Jerx as a daily blog is dead. So if that's what the main motivation for your donation would be, then you should save your money. On the other hand, if you want to donate to show appreciation for what we've already done and to reserve your copy of the book, that would be great.

As for the what that means for the future of this site, I'll have more news next week, but essentially it will mean I have to reprioritize things with this site taking a backseat. My first priority will be my paid writing work, my second will be working on the book, my third will be writing the monthly email newsletter (the initial one will go out in November to those who donated -- imagine MAGIC or Genii's review section, but written from the perspective this site is written from), and then, when time permits, I'll post here. It will be rather infrequent, but if it makes any difference to you, my darlings, I did spend half a year where you were my top priority. And daddy will be back when possible to toss the Nerf around. Okay, buddy? Buddy... okay?

Oh, speaking of the book, it's going to be one of the most beautiful ones in your library and the contents are going to be the most bonkers. There will be a ton of all new stuff as well as the best from this site. I'm really excited about it. 

And finally, I've changed my mind about people donating via subscription. I changed my mind because a friend convincingly argued that I shouldn't not make the book available to someone who isn't able to to make the full payment at this time, even if I think that's the "ethical" thing to do. If I think about myself in college, for example, I probably couldn't have shelled out $260 in one go, but $5-something a week wouldn't put me out and I'd want to have the opportunity to own the book if I was in that position. So, now you can donate via The Coffee Club -- going along with the idea of buying me a fancy coffee once a week. If you donate now you'll be eligible for the book and all the bonuses as well. It's kind of like if K-mart sold limited edition magic books on layaway. Obviously you're free to stop your donations whenever you want, but if you do so before you're paid up for the book, then it will essentially just be a straight donation with no bonuses. It will be $5.30/week in the US and $5.80 outside the US, and you do need a paypal account (I believe), you can't just use a credit/debit as you can with the full amount.

As long as you're not paying me money when you should be buying baby formula, I don't really care if you do a lump sum or weekly payments. For the sake of my friend who is handling the accounting for all of this, it's easiest if you do it at one time, but that's up to you. (To pay in one lump sum, see the links in the original book launch post.)

Coffee Club Donations

You have a few more days to get on board if you're interested. I really appreciate those of you who have enjoyed the site enough, and believe in what's to come enough to donate already. Your faith will be rewarded.