Keep A Light Up In Your Window

Daddy's coming home soon.

Regular posting resumes next week when the next post in the Project Slay-Them series appears and the mystery of what the GLOMM is will be revealed. 

So psyched to be holding the first proof copy of my new book!

Shit... that's the box my Taco Bell quesadilla came in. I was confused because -- much like my book -- the contents were so delicious.

So far no one has destroyed their copies of Erdnase. Although I did receive a number of emails about the subject, which fell into one of three categories.

1. "Are you serious about that contest?" Yes! I'm always serious about everything. Wait... no... that's obviously not true. But whenever I'm talking about anything transactional between us then I'm always being serious.

2. "I'd like to destroy my copy, but I already sold it/got rid of it. I thought I was the only one that didn't like it." Well, you're not. Give me someone who bases their magic on that book compared to someone who bases it on the Klutz Book of Magic, and I'll take the latter every time. KBOM > EATCT.

3. A couple of people wrote to ask if they could do it anonymously because they were worried about dealing with the fallout from Erdnase fanboys. No, you can't do it anonymously. Look, no one is really going to get upset because you destroy a copy of Expert At the Card Table. No one takes this stuff seriously. I don't even take it seriously and I'm the one pretending to give a shit about that book one way or the other! And really, what's the worst thing that would happen? Some crater-faced virgin comes and kills you and rapes your corpse because you burned a copy of EATCT? Ok, well, that actually would be pretty bad. But, to be fair, he raped you after you died. And it's just not going to happen anyways. On the off chance it does, you'd be immortalized. Like in some book about the dumbest things that ever got someone killed or something.

Well, at any rate, you still have a little while to get your video in. I have a feeling someone will sneak in at the last minute and win their $260 back with no competition. Good for them. 

Beyond that, thanks to those of you who have picked up the book in recent days. It means a lot.