Last Call for the Jerx Deck

By the end of this week at the very latest (but likely sooner) the Jerx Deck #1 will no longer be a bonus for people who purchase the full year of The JAMM.

Don't come crying to me if you miss out. You had 11 months!

There's been some confusion over email about who will get the deck. Listen up:

1. If you purchased the full volume of the JAMM, you're getting the deck.

2. If you subscribed to the JAMM before the first issue (Feb. 6th), you're getting the deck.

3. If you subscribed to the JAMM at a later point (after the first issue), I'm holding onto a deck for you. The way you get it is—at some point—converting your subscription to a full JAMM Volume One order. (See this post for how to do that.) There's no hurry to do this. I will hold a deck in your name at least until February of next year.

Before the deck is sent (which will be sometime around the new year) I will reach out to everyone who has a deck coming to them in order to get the address it should be sent to. That's the final step before the deck goes out, so don't worry that I'm going to send it to some defunct address that used to be connected to your paypal. Don't be proactive about this. Wait for me to write you (it helps me keep things in order).