Gardyloo #31

This guy currently has 16 million views on this video where he decided to sneeze rather than snap his fingers to make the magic happen. 

Of course, I've been harping on the idea that doing anything else is better than snapping your fingers. See, you dum-dums? I know what I'm talking about.

And yes, you're welcome, for your 16 million views, Neil Henry.

And thank you for acknowledging where you got the idea.

Oh, please. You're too kind. Yes, it's me. I'm "whoever wrote that." I'm that "someone" on "one of the magic sites." With all those 100s of magic blogs, I can understand why this one wasn't on the tip of your tongue. Maybe if I get you 17 million views you'll remember where you got the inspiration next time.

I'm just busting your balls. I don't give a shit. I like your video. And I don't want some corny facebook people traipsing around my beloved site anyway. There's too much riff-raff here already.

(And to be fair, while this guy's magic videos haven't really gone viral in the past, he does have one video where he "pranks" people by throwing a fake snake at them which has over 100 million views. A grand artistic achievement on his part.)

It amazes me that people will destroy their Expert at the Card Table for essentially worthless Jerx Point. Not that I don't think it's a fair trade (the book is "essentially worthless" as well), but just because now we know there are roving bands of magic tough-guys who will murder you for daring to defile that classic tome. It happened to Daniel Madison, it can happen to you. 

So yes, feel free to destroy your copy. But just know you'll make their shit-list, and then you're on their hit-list. 

Here's are two soon-to-be dead readers who recently destroyed copies of The Expert at the Card Table.

This next guy incorporated the poem from the advertisement for the 1979 movie Magic in his destruction. A nice touch. That poem ends with, "Magic is fun, we're dead." This will be all too appropriate when he ends up getting murdered for making this.

Here's a color change that's fun to play around with. It's just a combination of a couple existing principles, so I wouldn't be surprised if this has been done before, but I've never seen it and it caught me off guard when I saw my friend do it. It looked like he just tossed a face up card across the table and it changed along the way.

It's just a combination of the twirl change (or whatever you want to call it) and whatever the hell it's called where you disguise a card amongst the backs of other cards. The camouflage principle? Whatever it is. (That's as close as I can come to crediting this thing.)

Here he is doing it. I guess you can "see" it if you know what's coming, but as I said, the first time I saw it, not knowing what to expect, it looked like it just changed as it slid across the table.

So you'd have a card selected. You shuffle and keep track of it until you have it near the middle of the deck with a break one card above it. Take off a few cards at a time from the top of the deck. Weigh them in your hand like you're sensing if their card is amongst them. Then discard them onto the table in a messy layer.

When you get to the card above the break, announce that you have it, turn it over. As you do, get a break under the selection. When they tell you you're wrong, lift the double, twirl and throw.

If you're in the path of today's eclipse and you're looking for a good effect to go along with it, I recommend this. Get your friend to stand facing the sun. Then stand in front of him or her, blocking the sun with your hands. This all happens before the start of the eclipse. For the next 75 minutes or so, act like you're fiddling around with the sun with your hands. Don't let them move from where they are. Tell them you're pulling the sun from the sky. Once it's a total eclipse, turn to them and activate the D'lite on your thumb (oh, you have a D'lite on your thumb). Then do something cool and sexy with it like this.


For the rest of your life the story will be told of the time you removed the sun from the sky and put it in your fucking ear, like some sort of retarded god.

Now spend the next 75 minutes putting the sun back in the sky to keep up the charade.