A Word From Our Sponsor

[For those new readers, or those who read on their phone and don't see the sidebar. New posts are put up Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are "sponsored" posts. You can expect that they'll be sponsored, for the most part, by me. I'll be telling you what's coming up in The JAMM and other ways for you to contribute to the site.]

A change of plans regarding the JAMM release schedule. Originally I had intended to have it come out the first Saturday of the month. I realize now that a shifting release date would be a pain to manage from a records keeping point of view. So now it will come out the 6th of every month. Subscriptions that are placed after the 6th will start with the following month's issue. 

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback regarding JAMM #1 and some of the ideas and suggestions you've sent in will appear in issue #2.

In the March JAMM I review a product that I consider the best thing I've purchased in years and it's under $15.

What is it? Is it Foot Roulette? I bet it's Foot Roulette.

No. No, it's not Foot Roulette. You'll read about it in the next issue.

I really appreciate those who have subscribed already. If interest and support continues to build, then this is something that will just get bigger and better. For just 33 cents a day... the price of the shittiest cup of coffee you've ever had...you can assure this site sticks around and that you have access to the magazine and bonus content as well. You're not just tossing money at some monolith company that doesn't need it. You're helping a tiny new-media magic organization, that is essentially one guy with occasional assistance from a few friends, put out consistent content. Think of it like you're buying me a Wendy's Spicy Chicken combo once a month (that's most likely what I'm going to spend your money on anyway) to support what I'm doing here specifically for you. Because that's essentially how i see it. I know pretty much every subscriber's name. I interact with many of you over email. To me this is just an extension of the emails I would share with my magic buddies pre-blog. But it's just more consistent, time-consuming and with more production costs. So if you're inclined to subscribe, please do.

If you think, "Well, $10 a month isn't too bad... but do I really need another magic magazine?" I have a confession. It's not really a "magazine magazine." Think of it as a 300+ page ebook done in the style of a magazine that's released in 12 installments. 

And your $10/month makes it possible for another couple hundred posts on this site over the course of a year.

And you're getting The Jerx deck of cards that is so limited edition and will be so rare it will make Jerry's Nuggets look like this deck of Minnesota Timberwolves playing cards that sells for a penny.

And subscribers will be getting other bonuses along the way as well.

More on that to come!