MCJ Advent Calendar - Day Three - Erotica

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pornography at the Magic Cafe

There's a great section of the Cafe that most people probably never visit. The section is uncleverly called "What happened, was this..." and it's for people to share their wonderful stories of performing magic for people (You'd think in a forum with designated grammar police that they'd realize there shouldn't be a comma in that section title, but you'd be wrong. Oh, Leo B. Domapias, you've let me down again.) The stories themselves are, for the most part, ridiculously uninteresting, but Robert Allen sent me an e-mail last week where he mentioned that a lot of the titles of these posts seem to indicate a story that would perhaps be better suited for the Penthouse Forum. Keeping that in mind, here are actual titles to posts from that section. Dirty Fuck Story or Lame Magic Story? (Don't bother clicking on the links below or you'll realize they're all lame magic stories.)

I made a lady cry
Warm and Fuzzy
First performance...unplanned
Best reaction ever...from my little sister!
"Do you have a gift?"
My memorable experience (at Abbots get together)
Made a child's day...and her mother's too!
Made a kid bleed for the 1st time today!
Trained Mouse stories
Scottish cardmen, unite! Amazing story!
Can you pull the three of diamonds outta there?
Grandma Thinks it's Real!
Why we do it/did it...
I am a revealer!
Oh So Satisfying
Phewwwwww! WOW!
Last night with Lennart Green
A great ketchup bottle story
Upstaged by a 2 year old...AGAIN!!
Fun on the bus
It makes you want to scream
A truly magical 30 minutes

[Update 2015: Here are some more magic stories with potentially dirty titles from that same section over the past few years.]

I Did Not Call You Babe
Little Girl, Almost in Tears
The Magic Finger
Caught With Pants Down
A Double Whammy
Should It Be That Hard To Find a Picture of Max Maven @ 1 am?
A Problem With My Belt
The Dripping Box