Penguin Live Trifecta

If you don't have a subscription to Penguin Live, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for a string of good lectures so you can hop on the subscription deal, if only for a month. There's a trifecta that I'm really looking forward to that I want to bring your attention to. 

This week we have Tyler Wilson, next week it's Mark Elsdon, and the week after that it's Patrick Kun.

Tyler is a pal from back in the days of the old site and was, at one point, going to be outed as the author of that site, but sadly things didn't work out. I love the way he thinks. (I hate the way he looks.) And I'm looking forward to seeing him perform because he's not a guy with a bunch of DVDs out so this will be my first chance to see a lot of his material live. And apparently the lecture is 6 hours long. For the love of god. The World's Biggest Gangbang is only 3 hours and 25 minutes long! Speaking of gangbangs, Tyler would be great as the star of a world-record setting gangbang porn. The hairy motherfucker is clearly part monkey so he could jerk-off two more dudes at the same time with his opposable toes.

And yes, Penguin, you can use that quote in your ads if you're so inclined.

And what about Mark Elsdon and Patrick Kun?

I don't know... I don't mean this as an insult, but while I think they'd be good participants in a gangbang, I don't know if they're star material.

Oh... their magic, you mean? Right. 

Mark Elsdon's first Penguin lecture was really good and I'm sure his second one will be too. I enjoy his brand of propless effects he calls, "Conversations as Mentalism." While I have no need for effects that substitute in long, convoluted processes for props, Mark has collected/created a good number of effects you can do anywhere that are generally simple to perform and understand. 

Patrick Kun should be great too. I praised him in a post a few weeks ago, which was picked up by Boing Boing and in turn picked up by Gizmodo, the New York Post, and others... YOU'RE WELCOME, PATRICK. I look forward to seeing his lecture and watching him teach a bunch of stuff I'll be incapable of doing.

Also, I want to congratulate Penguin for the decision to not broadcast their lectures live anymore. I don't know if this is a temporary change or a permanent thing, but it's the right move. There was absolutely nothing to be gained by doing the lectures live, except for bringing everything to a grinding stop with some pointless twitter questions and having the flow of these lectures disturbed by the dumbest people watching. "@penguinmagic - I missed that move. Can you have him show that sleight again?" This is being recorded for you to download, you fucking dingbat! Wait a few hours for the video file to be ready and you won't have to interrupt the whole momentum of the lecture. You can watch it on a goddamn loop like that Margot Robbie gif you're always whacking it to.