The Meta-Universal Conversation Interjection Conversation

Okay, I admit it. That last "tip" was bullshit. There was no University of Delaware study. If you walk up to a group and say, "Oh... shit!" they're likely to think you're a little strange, at best. Even if it fits in perfectly with the conversation, it's still odd to just inject yourself into a discussion with no preamble.

But now I've set you up for the Meta-Universal Conversation Interjection Conversation.

Here's how it works. You enter the party or the gathering. Everyone is paired up or grouped off. You find a group that looks cool and slide your way into the conversation.

"Ohhhh... shit!" you say.

They all turn to you and cock their heads wondering what your deal is.

"Hmmm...," you say, "Well... I guess that was bullshit. Sorry. I was feeling a little awkward on my way here because I don't really know anyone. And I googled some tricks to work your way into a conversation. And I found this one site... I don't know... it said 'Oh shit' was like a conversational skeleton key that could fit into any exchange. Apparently the University of Delaware did a study on it. I don't know what I was thinking."

You take out your phone and show them this post (the previous post) that you had been reading in your car before the event.

You see? I didn't just give you a universal conversation interjection. I gave you a complete ice-breaking conversation that is at least mildly interesting and makes you look:

a) relatable - Everyone has had a situation where they feel a little awkward at an event where they don't know anyone
b) confident - Confident enough to acknowledge feeling awkward and then be self-deprecating about it

Now, if you happen to hit it off with the group of people or someone in that group, I suggest you come clean and have the Meta-Meta-Universal Conversation Interjection Conversation Conversation. This is where you say, "Look, I knew that 'oh shit' thing wasn't going to work when I said it. I just thought you looked like a fun group and that was my excuse to come talk to you."

At least, that's how I'd play it.