Bada Da Dadada Da Dadah Da Da Dadada Da Da Dahh Da Dah Dah Dada Da Dah Dah Dada Dahhhhhh

I was thinking today about L&L DVDs. You know, like the 3 or 4 DVD sets from guys like David Regal, Michael Ammar, or John Guastaferro. I used to love those DVD sets so much. And I was wondering today why that was. I mean the obvious answer is that there was a lot of good magic on those sets. And they'd bring in the L&L floozies for the tapings. And John and David for comic relief -- or to show people the dangers of fetal alcohol consumption. I'm not 100% sure.

I was watching some clips from those DVDs online and they didn't have the same resonance for me and I didn't know why. And then it hit me. It's because I didn't hear the jazzy music that used to open those DVDs. There's something about that song... it instills a kind of pavlovian reaction in magicians to make them fawn over whatever it's associated with. That song was the real star. I don't even think I liked most of those DVDs after all. Most I downright loathed, come to think of it. But that damn song makes everything seem great. Lay it over anything and whatever you watch you'll think, "This is wonderful." Well, that was my hypothesis, and I think I proved it with the video below.