Gardyloo #9 - OOTW Edition

Regarding Out of This World, Andrew Skinner reminded me of the Derren Brown presentation with photographs separated between living and dead. And with that in mind I will once again remind you of an incredibly versatile non-magic magic purchase, the Polaroid ZIP mobile printer, first mentioned in this post in conjunction with a Tomas Blomberg effect. I like the idea of OOTW with photos and I like it even better if we're talking about pictures that were just taken. Imagine a 60th birthday party and you take photos of everyone there, then later when things are winding down you show the person whose birthday it is an OOTW style effect with the photos. 

Maybe you have two piles "Invite back next year" and "Don't invite next year." Then the birthday-boy separates the photos and it's found that all his white friends are in one pile and his ethnic friends are in another. You give him a wink and a nod. "Good. I'm glad we're on the same page about this." you say.

You can have them separate photos face down, of course, or face-up and have something be on the back of the photos as in Derren's version linked above. Or you can have them separate them face-up with nothing on the back, but then it turns out there is some hidden aspect that all of the photos have in common, like, "Now, I asked you to just use your subconscious and separate the cards that gave you a good vibe from the ones that gave you a bad vibe." And then you give him a magnifying glass and point out that way in the background of all the "bad vibe" photos is his wife.

Whatever direction you go with it, you pop the photos in an album at the end of the effect and you have a perfect, personalized gift.

Pete McCabe thinks I should have called the electro-shock presentation, Ow! of This World.

Sorry I failed you, pun-nerds. 

Does anyone remember this hunk of shit?

Late 80s, first-run syndicated sitcoms all make me feel sick. Small Wonder, Mama's Family, It's a Living, Charles in Charge, She's the Sheriff. 

Or how about What a Dummy? I can't find any video of it anywhere. It was like Alf but with a living ventriloquist dummy instead of an alien. This is one of the few promo shots you can find online and it legit looks like it was torn from some serial-killer's inspiration journal.

If you want to up the ante on the electric shock presentation from the last post, or if the Pavlok mentioned in the previous post is too expensive, may I recommend the Eastern Delights® Elite Erotic Electro Stimulation Sex Cock Enlarge Expander Penis Ring Cock Ring Male Genital Desensitizer Delay WITH Red Pouch.

It's only $25.