Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends!

I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones, even if that just means time by yourself because you can't stand everyone else.

Did you watch the Scott Alexander Christmas special/lecture on Penguin? I like this tradition of Penguin's. My favorite part of this year's installment was when Scott was explaining how this bottomless cup-insert was specially designed not to displace liquid when put into a cup. And then he puts it into the cup and it splashes liquid all over his hand and the floor.

This was 10 times funnier than any of the bits he and Dan Harlan had worked out. But still, I have great affection for all that corny stuff as well.

The real highlight was -- after Scott had explained that you might want to use popcorn salt for the salt pour because it's finer than table salt -- some brain-dead idiot wrote in to ask, "Can you do the salt pour with Skittles?" Sure, I mean, you could probably fit 12 Skittles in a salt pour gimmick. What could be more magical than you dumping a dozen skittles on the floor? Once again the "interactive" element of these online lectures produces no insights other than making it clear that the functionally retarded can operate twitter and skype.

I will be taking the rest of the year off to be with friends and family and to move my stuff out of my place. I will see you all in 2016.

Coming in 2016

- The release of Amateur at the Kitchen Table and The Jerx Vol. 1.
- Is this the year I get too much pussy? It might well be because... WE'VE LOCATED THE WINE BOTTLE FULL OF SEXY PLASTIC TRICKS! And I'm going to go out and unleash them on the unsuspecting women of America.
- The launch of G.L.O.M.M., something you should all be excited about because you are all a part of it. (Well, almost all of you.)
- Project: Slay Them - A series of posts for those of you who write me and say, "I like your site, but I never actually perform magic anymore." These posts will include a series of exercises designed to get you out and showing people magic in a manner that isn't obtrusive, cheesy, or needy. 
- Many more tricks, essays, dumb videos and shit-stirrings as the greatest magic site in the world steamrolls on.