Coming This December

I love Christmastime.

Because you love Jesus, Andy?

Hardly. Because I love giving gifts, parties, big dinners, singing, cookies, seeing old friends and family, snow, fires in fireplaces, peppermint mochas, and the smell of pine. Well, I like traditions in general.

So this December, whilst you're busy with your parties (for hosting), marshmallows (for toasting), mixing and mingling in a jingling beat, and firing up your crockpot to make the perfect appetizer for some holiday gathering ("Holy Infant" style Cocktail Weenies - So Tender and Mild), I will be launching a new tradition here. 

The First Annual Jerx Advent Calendar

The theme of this year's calendar is The Best of the Magic Circle Jerk. From December 1st through December 24th there will be a post in the early evening, around when the Christmas lights go on, highlighting a post or series of posts from my first magic blog. A lot of you weren't around for that, and much of it is nowhere to be found, even on the Internet Archive, so this will be new for many of you, or the first time you've seen some of the posts in 10+ years. If you like people yelling at me and me making magic-related dick jokes, you will especially enjoy these old posts. 

These posts won't replace the normal posting here, they're just intended to supplement what I anticipate will be less frequent posting during the holiday season while I'm busy ice-skating at Rockefeller Center and trying to figure out if I like eggnog.

Looking forward to making the yuletide gay with you this Christmas.